2023.08.25 We participated in the "AUTOMATION EXPO 2023" in Mumbai, India.

We participated in the "AUTOMATION EXPO 2023" which was held in Mumbai, India.
We provided 2 demonstrations in the booth of YantraVision Software Pvt. Ltd., our distributor in India.

  Period: August 23 ~ 26, 2023
  Place:  Hall No. 1 & 2, BEC Goregaon, Mumbai, India
  SWIR×2(900nm~1290nm / 1290nm~1600nm) 1K InGaAs line scan camera

  20mm M52 mount lens for SWIR cameras
You can recognize the contents of the packages, transmitting their plastic bags.
Also, by using 2 SWIR wavelengths, you can see the difference of the materials well which are difficult to recognize by visual observation.
  Visible(Bayer)+ NIR×2(700nm~795nm / 810nm~1000nm)
  5M 3CMOS area scan camera

  28mm C mount lens for visible light cameras
You can get images for both outside and inside the package.
Also, by splitting the NIR wavelength into two, detailed information can be acquired.
BlueVision is developing its business in partnership with our worldwide distributors.
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