线扫3波段 棱镜分光相机BV-C5400CXP

BV-C5400CXP equips newly developed prism optics for line sensors in lightweight and compact body, and uses three 4K CMOS line sensors to capture R, G and B wavelength simultaneously.


● Newly developed RGB dichroic prism for line scan camera
● Three CMOS, 4096 pixels, 7μm square pixel sensors to be used
● Small size, light in weight, compact body design
● Line rate of 18,034 lines/second
● Variable electronic shutter from 9.52μs to 100ms in 12.5ns unit
● Image output through 4K full resolution mode, Binning 2K mode or Window 2K mode can be selected
● CoaXPress CXP3 RGB8 8bit ×3 output
● Gain setting from -3dB to +12dB
● Internal or External trigger for synchronization
● Various compensation functions are installed
● Three electronic shutter modes (No Shutter mode, Shutter Select mode, Pulse width)
● Communication interface by CoaXPress Uplink, Baud rate of 20.83Mbps
● Field update function


光学 3波段分光棱镜
芯片 B/W CMOS ×3、 7μm正方形
光谱段 400nm~700nm
有效图像输出像素 4096像素
行频 18.03kHz
接口 CoaXPress
镜头接口 M52口、F口(订单生产)
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 70mm × 70mm × 85mm
重量 570g