线扫2波段 棱镜分光相机BVC3320

BVC3320 is a polarized line scan camera which separates P wave and S wave components from natural light, and outputs each image independently. BVC3320 employs special prism optics (exclusively designed beam splitter) to separate P wave and S wave components, which are captured by newly developed 2K high-speed line sensor. This camera can output P wave image and S wave image of the same optical axis at the same time. This is very effective for inspecting front and back of the transparent materials with thickness such as detecting scratches on the both sides of the glass, electric parts inspection on the board and contaminants inspection for raw materials. Its interface is Camera Link Base Configuration, and the lens mount is M52 mount.


● Exclusively designed beam splitter optics
● Newly developed high-speed CMOS ×2 with 2048 pixels, 14μm square pixel sensor
● Pixel clock cycle of 80MHz/40MHz and line rate of maximum 64.308kHz
● Variable electronic shutter from 1.475μs to 100ms
● Camera Link Base Configuration and Medium Configuration (8/10/12 bit)
● Gain setting from x0.7 to x3.98
● Internal or External trigger for synchronization
● Various compensation functions are installed
● Three electronic shutter modes (No Shutter, Shutter Select, Pulse Width)
● Communication interface by Camera Link, Baud rate of 115200bps
● Field update function
● Camera Control Tool is available


光学 2波段分光棱镜
芯片 B/W 高速读取 CMOS ×2、 14μm正方形
光谱段 400nm~700nm
有效图像输出像素 2048像素
行频 64.308kHz
接口 Camera Link
镜头接口 M52口
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 95mm
重量 793g