线扫2波段 棱镜分光相机BVC3221

BVC3221 is a SWIR line scan camera which has own designed optical prism, 2 InGaAs line sensors inside and two different bandwidth of SWIR image output port.


BVC3221's 2 image output data bench mark is very much beneficial for contaminant inspection in the objects as it has obvious output difference by different SWIR wavelength lighting such as reflection, transmission and absorption.
It is known that each material ingredient has its unique spectroscopic response for light absorption by some specific wavelength of light beam within SWIR bandwidth.
By using that response, BVC3221 is able to provide perfect solutions for defect inspection and contaminant inspection that is hard to be realized by using standard visible wavelength of camera system.
It has Camera Link interface (Base Configuration), and M52 lens mount as standard model.
BlueVision also has our own designed SWIR lens fitted with prism base camera series.
6 different focal length models are available (20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 105mm).

BVC3221 uses highly sensitive 512 pixels InGaAs sensors.
We also produce, as build-to-order products, spectroscopic SWIR cameras which split SWIR bandwidth in two specific wavelengths.


光学 2波段分光棱镜
芯片 InGaAs ×2、 25μm正方形
光谱段 900nm~1290nm  及  1290nm~1600nm
有效图像输出像素 512像素
行频 40kHz
接口 CameraLink
镜头接口 M52口
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 95mm
重量 810g