线扫2波段 棱镜分光相机BV-C3210

BV-C3210 is a SWIR line scan camera which uses a prism optics and two InGaAs sensors to disperse the SWIR wavelength band from 900nm to 1900nm into two wavelength bands.

BV-C3210 is a build-to-order product.


BV-C3210's structure is very useful and effective to detect foreign materials by comparing two images, or to discriminate materials to be adulterated by measuring the response of light such as reflection, transmission or absorption to the different wavelength.
It is known that the light in SWIR bandwidth responds differently to materials and by utilizing this characteristics, BV-C3210 has a capability to inspect foreign materials, scratches or internal conditions which are difficult by visible cameras.
BV-C3210 has a camera link interface and M52 lens mount.

In addition to BV-C3210, BlueVision will produce a camera to disperse visible light into two specific wavelengths or SWIR into two specific wavelengths.
All these cameras are build-to-order products.


光学 2波段分光棱镜
芯片 InGaAs ×2、 25μm正方形
光谱段 900nm~1290nm  及  1290nm~1900nm
有效图像输出像素 512像素
行频 8.13kHz
接口 CameraLink
镜头接口 M52口
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 95mm
重量 820g
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