The variable wavelength lighting is a new type of lighting which uses the halogen light as the main light source and illuminates the light with a selected specific wavelength. It employs LVF (Linear Variable Filter) to select a wavelength. The LVF is a filter which the relations of the mechanical position of the filter and the wavelength are linearly varied, and can select the wavelength in accordance with the position of the projected light. The spectroscopic imaging makes it possible to inspect foreign materials, scratches or internal conditions of various objects by measuring reactions of the light from materials, that is reflecting, transmitting or absorbing light at an arbitrary wavelength. BVM1022D selects from visible light wavelength.

As these new models can be controlled from PC, wavelength is displayed on a PC screen, and you can move the LVF gradually and automatically to the specific wavelength. The combination of the BVM1022D and the BlueVision SWIR camera or visible light camera can make efficient and effective system. (Patent No. 6568041)

BVM1022D is a build-to-order product.


照明形式 标准: 12V、 100W
LVF波段 400nm ~ 700nm
半高幅 / 波段 30nm / 630nm
光圈直径 Fixed aperture
光缆长度 1m (多成分纤维)
电源 AC 100V/117V、 AC 220V/240V (订单生产)
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 175mm × 140mm × 255mm
重量 4.6kg (含纤维)