Area Scan – Single Sensor CameraBV-C340(Module)

The BV-C340 is a HDTV color camera module complied with 1080 50P/60P format using 1/1.8-inch global shutter CMOS sensor. It can capture high resolution images without blurring by full HDTV resolution and 60 fps frame rate.
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● 1/1.8” 3.2M pixel CMOS sensor with the global shutter
● 42mm × 42mm small size, three boards configuration
● Full HD outputs featuring 3G-SDI: 1080/60P/50P, HD-SDI: 1080/30P/25P, 1080/60i/50i
● Analog output is simultaneously available for monitoring (Color: NTSC/PAL)
● DC lens iris control (Day & Night function)
● Maximum 48dB gain up
● Back light correction (OFF/ON) (detection area selectable)
● Corresponds to internal/external synchronization (HD/VD)
● Gain up with 2:1 binning ON/OFF function (960 × 540 pixels image)
● Various functions to create the image suitable for the shooting environment:
   Digital noise reduction (2D & 3D)
   Digital zoom (maximum 6 times)
   Fog reduction
   Digital image stabilization (only for HDTV output)
● Camera control by on-screen menu or serial interface

〈Merchandise Line〉
● Board construction: Sensor board, Main board, SDI I/F board, one each
● BV camera control tool (attached at the time of the first shipment)
● Instruction manual (attached at the time of the first shipment)
● Communication manual (attached at the time of the first shipment)


Sensor 1/1.8" Bayer CMOS, 3.45μm square
Bandwidth 400nm~700nm
Effective image output 1920(H) × 1080(V)
Line frequency
Frame rate
Interface Serial interface (UART +3.3V)
Lens mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 42mm × 42mm (W×H)
Others Minimum illumination:0.015lx, Output:3G-SDI, HD-SDI, NTSC/PAL
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